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Gluten Free Pepita-powered Bread… oh yeah!

Light, fluffy, easy to make and not loaded with a million calories. Oh yea. This is my new sandwich bread when we’re not eating wraps. I ran out of pepitas (pumpkin seeds) Friday. It just added one more thing to the “to-do/to-get” list that was percolating in my head. I was in no rush, but […]

Gluten Free Oat & Honey Bread

So if you’ve been reading along, you are no doubt in awe (like me) that I am able to sit and actually write a blog post!  The girls are busy (one is next to me “studying” a map and the other is currently occupied by a toy cash register) and life is good.  My Love […]

Say: Breadmaker!

So… my Love bought me a shiny new bread machine.  I’ve had a really hard time getting TIME to bake bread like I used to.  Between teaching (grading papers, planning, etc), playing with the Imp, and trying to maintain some type of order to our lives, I just don’t bake bread anymore.  BUT, I have […]

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